Our Intellectual Property Services

We’ve been helping businesses like yours to stand out from Others

We are providing our IP services to various product-based firms, law firms, and institutions. Our target is to meet the expectation of the inventor and help them with a report having a more structured analysis based on a thorough search.

We also keep ourselves updated with more advanced databases and tools so that we can cover each dimension of the invention. Our services are listed below:

Patentability Search

Our search professionals use Patentability Search to help you discover and identify all art that is published prior to an invention, along with documentation with citations and excerpts from all references found.

Our patentability search service explores not only the granted and published applications of major patent offices, but also domain-relevant, non-patent literature. We deliver a concise search report that includes citations to sections of any prior art discovered as well as electronic copies of the referenced documents.

  • Patent and non-patent literature sources in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other member-countries of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
  • All of our CN, KR, JP, and other foreign authorities include an English machine-translated document
  • Additional sources are available upon request

Patent Landscape

Our landscapes provide executives, technologists, and investors with actionable intelligence regarding the extent to which competitors are protecting innovations in key technology areas.

Our reports provide a foundation of valuable intelligence necessary for supporting strategic business and investment decisions.

Reasons to Do a Patent Landscape
  • Identification of White Space
  • Identification of Market Trends
  • Discovery of Emerging Technologies
  • Uncover What Your Competitors are Working on
  • Communicate Trends Effectively
  • Opportunities for In-Licensing
  • Targets for Out-Licensing

Freedom to Operate

Our Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search service helps identify potential patent barriers to commercializing your products or technologies. This due diligence process examines the claims language of third-party, in-force patents as a means of assessing your risk of potential infringement. The purpose of an FTO search is to identify in-force patents or published patent applications with claims that cover the technology, process, or product you are targeting.

You should conduct an FTO search to:
  • Support the clearance of your products, technologies, or processes
  • Conduct patent infringement risk assessments
  • Uncover licensing needs
  • Provide direction for your product development program

Patent Invalidity Search Service

The goal of a patent invalidity or validity search is to uncover patents or other prior art, such as non-patent literature, published before the applicable priority date(s) for the target patent’s claims, which may render the granted patent invalid. It can be a powerful tool to help respond to litigation against your company, challenge the validity of competitors patents in litigation or Inter Partes Review (IPR) proceedings, and protect your technology interests and market momentum while blocking your competition.

Patent Invalidity Search is performed by a team of tenured experts with a proven track record in delivering search services to whatever scale you need – be it an examination of a single patent or multiple patents at issue in a lawsuit. Our experts work hand-in-hand with you and your team to ensure the results are both comprehensive and ready-to-use.

Invalidity Services are ideal for:

  • Responding to litigation against your company.
  • Invalidate encroaching or blocking patents from competitors.
  • Provide powerful deterrents to non-practicing entity (NPE) demand letters.
  • Complete due diligence regarding existing patents.