Merging AI & Human Key Strategies to Deliver Relevant Results

Focused on meeting quality expectations of the clients within a threshold time frame. Our results would make you confident in securing your IP Portfolio. Our fees are minimal compared to other competitor firms but the relevancy score of given projects would be always high.

What makes us different?

Our team thinks if we can frame the problem of the invention correctly then we have already won the IP war. So we try to look at the project from a problem, a soultion & structure point of view. Our team works in a healthy work environment so that they can devote their full support while executing the search part.

Our team comprises industry experts who have vast experience in their field and love working peacefully. Our tech area of expertise includes Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic, Computer, Biomedical, etc.

IP Searching

  • Novelty/Patentability/Prior art Searches
  • FTO/Clearance Searches
  • Invalidity Searches
  • Validity Searches
  • Landscape Reports
  • White Space Searches
  • Infringement Searches
  • Knockout Searches
  • Design Patent Searches


  • EoU Charting
  • Portfolio Categorization
  • Patent Valuation
  • Non-Infringement Arguments
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Licensee Identification
  • Market Analysis


  • Patent Drafting
  • Office Action Response
  • Utility Drawings
  • Design Drawing.

IP Watch Eye

  • Patent Monitoring
  • Competitors Activities alerts


We were looking for a trustworthy & reliable hand for our IP support work. Then based on the recommendation of one of my friends I used Vento IP services. I must say they are far ahead of other IP companies. I mean results set always help us to prepare ourselves in advance for potential threats.

– Patent Attorney of a US-based Law firm

Their team always consults with me about what type of results I am looking for. They know very well what we need.

– IP Head of a European company